DOT Approved Online

Driver Application For Hiring

Our new online application process designed for truck drivers saves time and is 100% compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Avoid paper applications and go right to our online portal for your prospective drivers. DOT compliance is essential, and our process requires drivers to provide their last three years of driver's license history, last three years of employment information, three years of residence, experience requirements, previous driving violations, and more.

After a driver has completed the online process for employment, your company receives an email that the application now appears in your account portal. It is ready for your review and the beginning of the DOT-required driver qualification process. A PDF of the application is created if a hard copy of the application is needed.


E-Signatures For

Driver Qualification File.

One of the best things about our online application process is that all the information is ready to go once you decide to hire them, including electronic signatures. The following information is collected:

  • DOT compliant application for employment
  • Photocopy of driver's licenses
  • Photocopy of driver's medical certificate
  • Documents regarding forfeitures, denials, revocations, etc.
  • Signed three-year violation and annual record review document
  • Signed alcohol and drug test statement
  • Signed previous employer history investigation documents
  • Signed PSP report driver authorization
  • Signed receipt for company alcohol and drug testing policy
  • Signed receipt for company general work policy

When completed, you will receive a notification, and the driver receives an email indicating their application has been received. The email also includes your company's drug and alcohol testing policy and your company's general work policy.


Build Your Own Brand

Every document produced through the online application process contains full branding for your company, including letterhead, business logo, and contact information. Your company also receives a custom internet address that can be used throughout your digital footprint in order to bring potential drivers to your online application.


Save and Return Feature

Truck driver applications can be long and often require several documents to complete. Many potential employees simply do not have the time to finish the application in one sitting for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, our online process allows a driver to work on the application at their own pace, gathering documents or other information as they go. A driver can complete a section of the application, save it, and come back later using the Return to Application feature. They will just need to enter their social security number, and our database will instantly bring up their application.


Automatically Order

MVRs For Annual Reviews

By choosing automatic MVRs, Drivers Files Online will allow for MVR monitoring for the full employment time of a driver. This data will be generated and made available yearly with an automatic alert sent to you when a driver’s file is ready for review. This time-saving element will help streamline the process for safety officers.


More Features

More features of our DQ File Software includes:

  • Automatic Annual Record Reviews
  • Electronic Previous Employer Investigations
  • License Expiration Reminders
  • Medical Card Expiration Reminders
  • 100% Driver File & Form Compliance
  • Save Driver Files For Required Time Length
  • Driver File Full Download
  • Experienced DOT Regulation Support Staff