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One Time Urine Drug Test



Owner Operator

DOT Random Drug &
Alcohol Testing Package

For Compliance & safety owner operators have a responsibility to comply with FMCSA & DOT regulations for drug and alcohol testing. TDS made it easy for owner operators to enroll in random drug testing program.

Random Program includes:

  • Urine pre-employment drug test.
  • Enrollment into random drug and alcohol testing consortium.
  • Pre-Employment query - FMCSA Clearinghouse.
  • Same day quick service.

Random Enrollment $199.00 / Year

Pre-Employment Drug test $60.00

Driver Application $149.00

D & A Clearinghouse Company Account $50.00

Driver query for D&A Clearinghouse $10.00

Total $468.00

Package Price $399.99


Fleet Drug

& Alcohol Consortium

Random Enrolment $199.00 / Year

Pre-Employment Drug Test $60.00 / Driver

D & A Clearinghouse Company Account $50.00

Driver Query For D&A Clearinghouse $10.00


Drug and Alcohol

Reasonable Supervisor Training

As a supervisor, safety is your highest priority, and you have a responsibility to make sure that your employees can carry out their duties without putting themselves, their co-workers and the general public at risk. This course will help you identify unsafe behavior that may be due to drugs or alcohol, as well as how to document that behavior and manage the reasonable suspicion testing process.


After completing this course,

You will be able to:

FMCSA clearing house employers must have

  • Recognize physical and behavioral signs of alcohol use
  • Explain the supervisor and carrier's role in reasonable suspicion testing
  • Explain the three steps involved in the testing process
  • Document specific, contemporaneous, articulable observations to support reasonable suspicion testing
  • Describe strategies for approaching drivers about reasonable suspicion
  • Recognize physical and behavioral signs of drug use

Driver Qualification Files
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Motor Vehicle Report Fees

A PSP record contains a drivers most recent 5 years of crash data and the most recent 3 years of roadside inspection data from the FMSCA MCMIS database. MCMIS is a Federal government database which is different from the state data source used to generate motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)




The PSP record does not contain a score. View a sample PSP record.
The record displays a snapshot in time based on the most recent MCMIS data
load into the PSP system. A new Snapshot is uploaded approximately once per month. The Current snapshot date is posted on the PSP one page


Background Check

Background checks verify a potential employee’s work history, previous experience, and level of education. It can uncover any inaccuracies or omissions on a resume as well as past criminal activity. An essential part of the hiring process, background checks allow employees to make informed decisions. It’s important, however, that the background check process be consistent, legal, and fair to all.

The following provides information about every aspect of performing employment background checks.

Qualified and honest employees are the most important element of any thriving business. To build a quality group of workers an employer must know exactly who they are hiring. It’s estimated that over half of all workers lie on resumes, usually about experience, education, or work skills.Learn more.


How to Run

a Background Check

A fair, consistent, and accurate process for running background checks should assist employers in making the right decision in bringing on a new worker. The following six steps will help in making that process seamless and efficient.